Vorspul durch Technik!

Based on the to top level tuned race recorders from the races 2003 and 2004, the race recorder research and development has made tremendous advances.

All the very different constructions showed new and promising ways. The foundation is set, but the races have proven that there is still room for further development.

So we would take the opportunity to present some technical principles from the races 2003 and 2004:Durch die zur Hochleistung optimierten Rennrekorder der Rennen 2003 und 2004 konnte die Rennrekorderforschung einen großen Schritt nach vorne machen.

Let us start with the forefather of all race recorders. The prototype of the FORMforte reseach team with an axle directly powered by the sound.

Three very different approaches of some racers from the Year 2003 in a recapitulating view: “Prince Edwards junior/senior” (here without chassis with direct drive), “Tapesnake” with the tape-spinning principle and “Darth Vader” with its innovative hanging direct drive.

The reworked technical regulation now prohibits such maximized engine-power: The winning racer in 2003, “BTG1” invested in 3 direct drives in a row, the opponent “Buster” used 2 engines.

Classical direct drive from “Dampfhammer” and “Peanut Duck”

The tape spinning principle descriptively shown from “Tapesnake” and during the race from “Sweet Memories 1”.

Quite an important detail: The choice of tires. “Sony Trac 800” prefers robustness; “HMR Sportster” and “Darth Vader” set standards in lightweight construction.

An extraordinary example of reuse: thanks to its rocket power “Prince Edward senior” was able to leave the earth’s atmosphere after the 2003 race for direction Mars.

The racer “SpuhltkeineRollle” in 2004, with its impressive “rear-wheel-drive”.(Photo:Nils Hendrik Mueller)

Here the 2004 Team “Arrowfast” allows us to have an insight into the secrets of their success: a long wheel stand for an optimized straight-running stability .(Photo:Nils Hendrik Mueller)