News March:

The Race Management is looking forward to further requests of Sponsors, who would be willing to donate money (very very gladly seen) or/and incentives (very gladly seen) or their time and labor (gladly seen) for this tremendous event we call Recorder Race.

News February:

Picture left: Dr. Inke Arns (hmkv) is happy / on the right: Stephanie Wagner (executive committee Recorder Race) is also happy..

Stephanie Wagner’s diploma thesis presentation. She made the Recorder Race 2004 to a part of her diploma thesis at the Fachhochschule Dortmund: “With >>My Cassette Pet<< Stephanie Julia Wagner created a theme-magazine, which addresses to persons, who miss a certain analogue vulnerability, warmth, and durability within our speed orientated, digital world – to those who sent their first glowing love messages via cassette – or received such devices. In her sound installation one finds several sound samples of such cassettes which traveled around the world.”

Date: Feb 10th 2006 - Feb 12th 2006

Presenter: FH Dortmund, FB Design

Location: Max-Ophuels-Platz 2, Dortmund, Germany