When the recorders started to race...

The premiere event was run in 2003. What was planned as a small event for friend turned out be a happening watched by 180 enthusiastic people in the venerable gym of the Eisenbahn-Sport-Verein München Ost. So it was continued at the same place in 2004.

And it grew even bigger (18 racing stables with 24 racers). Besides the multiple Munich starters, the teams came from all over Germany.

The recorder races 2003 and 2004 have impressively proven how much racing capacity and “Grandezza”-capability is hidden in such cassette players.

In terms of the phenomenal progress obtained by all racing stables during the first two years, we may be more than anxious to experience more about the racers of the forthcoming competition.

Here are the links to the pictures and final results:

Coming back soon:
Recorder Race 2004 – the Movie (5min).

- produced and directed by the famous -
Rocket Studios!

We're about converting it to be streamed.

The race management wants to express their gratitude to all racing stables and the marvellous audience!

Special thanks to the extraordinary anchorman 2004:

Vladimir Goerdt

The race managements recommend his restaurant : "Cooperativa", Jahnstr. 35,80469 München

Special thanks for his amazing musical arrangements that raised tension to the melting point: :

Lionel Wharton at the keyboard (www.lionelwharton.de)

And of course all of the jury members 2003 and 2004:

Christoph Boeninger, Konstantin Grcic, Jochen Hirschfeld, Reinhard Segers, Frank Wojeczewski, Steffen Horak, Dr. Florian Hufnagl, Daniel Wechner.

Deepest gratitude to all our sponsors:

avedition, Californian Products, CARS and details, Grooveattack,Vitra, Weila, Designafairs , Sassenbach Advertising , Thomas Schnelle Regulatoren (Thanks for the cup!), Ingo Maurer, Sony Music, Siemens Mobile, Rocket Studios

And last but not least to all helping hands and supporters:

CJ Laufi at the tape deck, DJ Stereofreund, DJ Jonas und DJ Ingo at the turntables, Margarita Hayer for lending the P.A, Peter Malauschek (ModelDepartment), mypeople.de, Reinhold Brandmair, Gabi Kuemmerlin, Martin Laarmann, Wibke Roloff, Viola Schierholz, Adrian v. Starck, Hagen Sczech, Akira Ganzenmueller, Phillip Moser, Stefan Schmidt, Wolf Kipper and Rekorderralle.