International Recorder Race Rules:

given at Munich,Germany November 6th 2004.

Please note: At the actual date of racing the abidance of the rules is going to be enforced by our own neutral and qualified race inspectors.

Accredited are the following classes:

1. "Walkman"

2. "Boom Boxes" / "Ghettoblaster" and typical battery-driven Sound systems


Examples:allowed / not allowed recoders

The vehicles:

  • The technical principle of the tape recorder has to be preserved. Not allowed are additional drives of whatever source, but only the original devices. No additional energy storage is permitted.
  • Only one recorder per vehicle may be used. The bundling of various recorders into one vehicle is not permitted.
  • The removal of e.g. the cassette cap is permitted as long as main parts of the body are conserved.
  • The vehicle has to be roadworthy for more than one race.
  • Bodyworks, design, accessory or advertising is permitted with the exeption of: live pets are not allowed as drivers!
  • Remote control is not permitted. The vehicle has to be able to drive (roughly) straight on a distance of 15 meters.
  • The vehicle has to arrive as started i.e. no components may be left on track.

Standart driving mode is "Fast-forward" or "Rewind".

The race track:

  • The vehicles have to drive on a course of 15m length on typical gym floor (e.g. lino).
  • The race track is approximately 4m wide. A little variation of ideal line can be compensated. To the left and right the track is limited cushions. When the vehicles hit, they may be redirected not before the vehicle has come to a standstill. Nonobedience of this rule is sactioned by a penalty time.
  • The power for the drive may not be built up earlier than at the start. Intermediate storing of energy is not permitted.
  • The vehicles have to be able to start without external support right behind the start line. The vehicles have to be completely behind the start line.

The races will be held in flights of 2 or 3 vehicles – depending on the number of starters

The race track dimensions

The Rating:

The rating is split into two equivalent categories:

  • Of course: running time. This is the A-category and will be measured by referees – appointed by the race management.
  • All over "Grandezza" (an italian term for: majesty, magnificence, grandeur..). This is the appearance and the "bella figura" of the vehicle. (A positive all over appearance and performance of the racing teams is very supportive).

Based on the above mentioned categories the winners will be elected:

  • The overall Champions:"World recorders" (place 1-3): Both categories will count equaliy for the decision.
  • Speed Champion (special award): Winner Category A
  • Grandezza Champion (special award): Winner Category B

The nature of the price has yet to be defined. Every participant of course receives a valuable, original race recorder certificate (also avaliable as tatoo on request).

The race management reserves the right to modify the rules as needed.

Inspected and released by the race mangment board.