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The International Recorder Races 2003 and 2004 found a broad interest in the international press. Some of the releases are shown below:

Rolling Stone Magazin (D), August 2003:

>In Munich cassette supporters met to show their passion for analog listening devices in a very special way. On your marks – get set – go ….for the Recorder Race…”

AutoBild (D), Nr.: 53, December 2004:

Report: “The slightly different Motor Sport. In the Gym of the Eisenbahnsportverein München Ost we find a touch of glamour: This normally simple room in the workers suburb Berg-am-Laim is lighted in elegant blue. Out of the stereo system comes loud music, also perfectly tuned. The audience is mainly around 30 and mostly of the “cool-creative” type. One might think, that here at the 1933 founded ESV München Ost a new trendy fashion show will takes place. You know, where the models wear hemmed garbage bags or old tires around their hips. But then the music stops the anchorman shouts “drei , zwei, eins – Rennen ab!” into his micro – and under the applause of about 200 guests 2 cassette recorders start to roll. We better say it right at the beginning: Recorder Race – that is a really absurd thing….”

Intersection (GB), March/April 2005:

"Designed to give new life to much-loved but sadly obsolete cassette players, the cars in the Recorderrace are all propelled towards the finishing line by the little wheels that once turned tapes..."

Sonntags Blick Magazin (CH), January 2005:

"They propel every walkman in the way that they put tires on it. The live sound of the electronic engines means more to them than the blah blah of the tapes. Because for Recorder Racer the music is on the racetrack, not on the tape…”

Technikart (F), July/August 2005

Maxim (RUS), February 2005

Popular Science (USA) ,May 2005

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Stereo (D); Form (D); Zeit Wissen (D); KIJK (NL); Jack (I);
Radio: Zuendfunk /BR (D); M 94,5 (D); DRS3 (CH);
TV: AutoMotorSportTV (D, VOX); Abenteuer Auto (D, Kabel 1)
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